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You will find opportunities full of challenges in a dynamic environment that recognizes and rewards performance and right behaviour. We seek individuals capable of fostering growth and deliver value to stakeholders. Progressive International is a dynamic organization, which flourish on dedication, hard work and commitment of the workforce. We seek to provide sufficient opportunities for our people to excel in their careers and have some fun at work.

Unique Culture
Progressive International provides a supportive work culture to employees by way of encouraging creativity and innovation. There is openness towards new ideas and the support of the senior management is quite encouraging. Team work is being respected and encouraged. A healthy work environment is provided.

At Progressive International, we recognize the need for an environment where people can grow personally and professionally as our future depends on how we develop every individual talent. We select talent, we assess them and we develop them and encourage them to reach their fullest potential. Growth of human potential is one of the top priorities here and we focus on developing the best talent pool that helps in furthering our business to new heights.

Career Development
Cross Functional Opportunities
Talent development by way of cross functional opportunities is not just about working in another department. We recognize that moving to another department down the corridor can be just as beneficial as moving to another country. At Progressive International, we provide opportunities to people to apply for internal vacancies to assist them in enhancing their career.

Learning and Development
Training is a vital aspect of an employee’s career at Progressive International. Progressive International has adopted a blend of learning approaches including on the job training (OJT), internal training, and employees are considered for external training courses to develop their skills for current as well as future roles. Career progression at Progressive International is based on employee potential. We analyze employee capabilities on the basis of qualifications and competencies, experience, performance ratings and ensure that employee potential is best utilized by way of job “description-specification fit”.

Performance Management

Our recently implemented performance management process is vital to foster individual and organization performance. It provides a frame work for guiding and evaluating the performance and aims at developing people. The reward system is integrated with the performance management system to ensure that performance is being rewarded fairly. It also provides guidance on how we live our values day-to-day by demonstrating the right behaviours in our interactions with each other and the customers. A salient feature of our performance management process is the dialogue between the appraisee and the appraiser to ensure that appraisee gets the feedback as to how is s/he performing and give constructive advice to improve performance.

Work Life Balance
We understand it is tough to maintain the right balance between one’s personal and professional life. Hence, we offer our people a healthy work environment that improves performance and enhance employee morale. We discourage un-necessary late sitting at office and provide paid time off to employees to disengage themselves from routine official business operations and spend time with family, involve in recreation, social, and religious activities and to attend the exigencies.

Workplace Diversity
Diversity is at the heart of our business. We strive to create a work environment that provides all our associates equal access to information, development and opportunity. People from more than seven different nationalities get together every day to work under one roof, share experiences and expertise with each other. Workplace diversity is an integral part of our management philosophy as a company.

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